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We are prepared to take care of all of your transportation needs with our equipment. We have decks and trailers to suit all kind of loads, so don’t hesitate to contact us for your hauling needs. Please read through the information below for specifics on how we can help you.

Light Blue Kensworth Semi
Flat Deck

Flat Deck

One of the major pieces of equipment we provide is the flat deck, which is useful for items that are notably large or wide, items that need to be loaded by crane, or items that are loaded from the side with a forklift. Flat decks are good for hauling construction equipment, or other related machinery and tools. These are also good for hauling bulk material that is stacked or wrapped.

Step Deck Trailer

Step Deck

The step deck should be your go-to option if your cargo size exceeds the maximum height of 8’6”. This is useful for these tall loads because the step deck is essentially a flat deck with a lowered deck within, to accommodate extremely tall loads. Using the step deck gains you another twenty inches of room allowed for the height of the load.

Double Drop Deck

Double Drop/RGN

Double drop trailers are usually used to haul cargo that can be driven onto the trailer. So, for example, double drop trailers can be used to haul forklifts, cranes, and similar freight. These trailers offer the benefits of a conventional drop trailer while also allowing for loads to be driven onto it.

Heavy Haul Trailer

Heavy Haul

In addition to our other services, we can also do heavy hauling or hauling of oversized and overweight freight. We have specialized trailers designed to haul these loads that go above and beyond the typical limit. We will need to determine the right trailer to use for your hauling needs, depending on the specific weight and dimensions of the load.

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